Introduction to home painting

            In ancient times man lived in caves for his shelter. But gradually he took things seriously and started to change his way of life to discover new opportunities and decided to build a house. And now, almost everybody in this world has their own house and everyone tries to make their house striking and decorative.

A house is such an asset that in addition to other things so that he can be proud of his own property.

Why Painting

In all the processes of making a home beautiful painting always plays a great role. Painting gives such a stunning and gorgeous look to the house that impedes incredible feeling of gladness of our property.

Bringing color to the exterior of your house can have a tremendous effect on your home’s value. Painting gives a very good look to our houses. Without painting houses looks like dull even if we spend a lot of money on it. But in comparison to this house, if you build a house and paint it successfully then believe me it has a better good look than other expensive houses which don’t have a sensible paint pattern.
We can see it in details. We build a house. First we buy some land for it. Then we hire an engineer for its mapping. Then we start to build it and we spend a lot of days, it may take years to build a large house. So we spend a lot of money on it and at the end we forget painting. Can you imagine it how your house will look like?


So can u see it how dull and gloomy this house is? Yes, clearly we can see it. It looks like a house of the ancient times and totally abandoned for years. But instead of it, if we painted the house, it may be if we use a good paint and pattern so I assure you that, the look of house will go to incredible heights and it would be rated 10 on 10 on the perfection scale.

Even if we make a very small house but we paint it with a very magnificent paint and after that it will look very beautiful and bright full to the house that even may be too much larger than it. The exterior of your house is usually the first thing that visitors see when they come to your home. A gorgeous paint makes a great impression on people that visit to your house. If you are planning to sale your house, look for your house appearance. And by all discussion we can say that painting is the most important thing that can give your house a remarkable look and buyer will definitely buy your house.

Selection of Paint

But selecting paint for painting a house is also a very difficult procedure. We have to make sure that we are going to choose a color which will give a good look to our house.  Your house walls are usually the largest surface of a space. That means the color you choose will have a major impact on overlook of your house. Paint is available in an infinite amount of colors and we always panic to choose a right color. But don’t panic to choose color. There is a very famous quote “Instead of assuming, take some advice.” So take some advice from others for a right choice.  After choosing right colors buy it.

After painting your house once, then you have to paint your house after 5 to 8 years. And then continuously do this process after same time period until you sell your house.

But remember, always invest in good quality paint because it will last longer and it gives you very good results.

Hiring of a Painter

After that, make sure you are going to hire a professional for painting your house. Because if you hand over the job to anyone who hasn’t much experience then you will be making a big mistake.  But if you make a right decision then you will be the luckiest person on the block.

Introduction to home remodeling

              In our modern age we are living in beautiful homes and almost everybody in this world has a beautiful home. In our daily basis routine we go to different places and go into different houses and buildings. And we always see marvelous painting inside the homes walls and building walls. It is no wrong to say that exterior hose painting gives an attractive look to house but interior painting also gives a stunning and gorgeous look to our houses.


       Actually painting is a kind of liquid that we apply on different substrates in thin layers in order to make it beautiful and protective. Initially it is in liquid form when it is applied to anything but after some moments; chemistry may happen, it changes its state of matter. It converts itself into a solid form from liquid state.

Paint has so many different types and it is also available in so many different colors.Paint is not the invention of modern ages. It was also available in ancient times but it was not present in so many colors as it is present in now a days. Although paint has it’s so many applications but here we will discuss about some interior house painting.

Interior House painting

              Interior painting of house is also an important factor for an outstanding look of house. Suppose we gave marvelous look to external part of our house with a gorgeous painting. Somebody so impress that he wishes to come to our house and when he comes and see interior house painting. If interior house painting is good then he impresses so much that he may want to buy our house. But if things go vice versa to it then surely this will give a very bad image to him. So interior painting has an also a very great impact on our houses.

Choice of color for interior house painting

              Why do we find one place so attractive? Why are we attracted to one product over another? It’s only because of one thing and that thing is Color. Color is the only one most important thing that pulled us towards so many things.So choice of color is a very important factor for interior house painting, no matter how you have painted your external part. Remember our interior house painting has its own impressions. Choosing the perfect paint colors for your home can be a very difficult task. Another tip for selecting paint colors is to always purchase several samples that are a few steps lighter than your chosen. Always choose different paint finishes.

 You can also choose your favorite color by testing your own color choice. It is not necessary that you should choose only one color for your own internal house painting. You can also choose different colors for your different house parts according to your own mood but these colors should be in contrast. As choose a light color for your bedroom, a very strong color for kitchen and TV room. So it’s all up to you.

Painting the interior of the house

              There will be only two possibilities how we paint our interior part of the house.

First one, we may do it by ourselves or maybe we hire someone to do this.

If we are doing it by ourselves then we may need something’s which are listed below to do this. We need some brushes that will use for painting.

  • We need Paint which we have already selected.
  • Small buckets for water to properly to liquate the paint.
  • Hammer for setting nail pops in drywall.
  • Some paint trays we may need.
  • And most important things are rollers which help us to smooth paint.

And if we hire a professional then we have to check it out is he really a professional or not.

Intro To Roofing

      We have entered the modern age. Human sense has started working more efficiently. Anciently, humans lived in caves. Then they started building more comfortable and reliable homes for themselves where they can survive in different climates. Now he has built stunning homes beyond our imaginations.

Throughout this process of evolution, roofing has always been a challenge. Roofing directly effects the home temperature. But as we all know, human have made much more reliable and comfortable things for themselves , he also have given his full attention to roofing and now they have successfully implemented various types of roofs one of their kind in design and functionality.

Here we will discuss apopular roofing method.

Metal Roofing

            As the name speaks for itself metal is the major component of this type of roofing. Metal roof is used both for commercial buildings and for residential buildings. It can also be used for covering existing roofs.

Since metals are strong and have strength so do the metal roofs.Metals can withstand heaviest of pressures without any major damage giving the metal roofs its strength and durability. Metal roofs hereby are used in heavy architectures to withstand worst of the circumstances.

Metals used for Metal Roofing

        There are certain metals that best suit the job and some of them commonly used are:

  • Cooper (Cu)
  • Lead (Pb)
  • Tin (Sn)
  • Aluminum (Al)
  • Galvanized Steals (Not purely matter )

Advantages of Metal Roofing

        Now we are going to discuss advantages of metal roofing. Metal roofs are being used for millenniums. Ancient Indian temples are sheltered under metal roofs. This shows its value and durability in ancient times.

  • Metal roofs are able to withstand worst climatic conditions. They have a very strong surface to face the strong weather.
  • A survey was held on Galvanized Steals sheet metal And it was proved that it can last more than 40 to 60 years on an existing building.
  • Galvanized steel sheet metal roofs are also highly rust resistant.
  • A Tin roof can last 40 to 50 years.
  • Aluminum steel sheets can last about 30-40 years.
  • Metal roofs are fire resistant.
  • A white metal roof has highest capacity of heat reflection.

  • One of the advantages of metal roof is, sheet metal which is used in roofing is almost made from recycled materials and we can recycle it till it lasts. May be a little Chemistry to be used, but if it works then we can save money by this.

Disadvantages of Metal Roofing

In this world everything has its pros and cons. Similarly metal roofing along with its advantages, it also has its disadvantages.

Now we are listing its disadvantages.

  • The big problem about metal roofing is its rusting Therefore it requires a proper maintenance regularly.
  • Some metals like Al and Cu are highly heat conductive metals which defies its own purpose in hot climatic regions.
  • Sheet metal roofs are cost inefficient.
  • Some metals lack strength and they can be easily cracked by thieves.
  • As it is a well known fact about metals that metals have property of expansion and contraction. This property of metals causes wavy effect.
  • If something harder strikes on metal, then it may give a dent to that metal. So same here denting is also a problem for metal roofs. This again calls for maintenance and cost.